Apr 9, 2010

Altura Dry-line panniers review

An Excellent combo line
Pros: Adjustable, Attractive, Durable, Good Fit, Great Value, High Quality, Lightweight, Rugged, great package in combination with dryline rack bag
Cons: Limited Color Choices, no shoulder straps supplied

I purchased a pair of these Dryline panniers after a year testing an Altura Dryline rack bag on my daily commute.

The Dryline rack bag has survived a year of commuting in all weather, including thunder storms and snow storms. It has proven to be completely downpour-proof.

The same Dry-line technology is employed for these panniers, which not only feel well made, but are also light for their size.

I purchased a Tortec Expedition pannier rack, with 10mm rails, and the combination of that rack plus the Altura Dryline pannier and rack bags is just so neat!

The Expedition rack has an offset rail for the panniers, which means these panniers, 28 Litre capacity *each*, do not get in the way when pedaling.

It also means the pannier's fixings and handle is offset from the rack's top shelf, where the rack bag's quick-release strip is mounted.

The fixings on the pannier's rails can be moved to accomodate different rack layouts. The fixings on the pannier's top rail seem to fit the Tortec Expedition just fine. The bottom bracket had to be shifted back to hook onto the rearmost rail. That took a mere 5 minutes to set up.

The fixings on the bags are set up for 10 mm tubes, but they can be quickly adjusted for 8mm and 13mm tubes simply by removing and reinserting the grey plastic tabs. A neat feature.

The bags don't come with shoulder straps, but they do have D rings to attach one if desired.

After nearly two years of use, the set is still in fully functional order. Completely rain proof, nothing falling apart or broken.
I even managed to fit the set to my Dahon Mu P8 folding bike.

After nearly four years of daily use, the set is still in fully functional order. Completely rain proof, nothing falling apart or broken.


  1. Great review! I've gone out and bought these bags because of your recommendation! I was going to buy the same pannier rack too, but how do the lights fit to the rear light plate on the rack?

    1. From one of the pictures above you can just about make out that you need an adapter plate. This is usually sold by the same manufacturer as the light. In this case a Superflash or Bspoke light rack mount.